Marriage and Couple Counselling

The approach here introduce a different, more respectful communication style which, allow partners to form deeper connections, gain a better understanding of each other, and interact more compassionately with one another. Therapy will help you recognize the patterns of ongoing conflict, learn to self-soothe and respond more effectively rather than overreacting in ways that create a deeper conflict/distress.


I mostly work with people who are seeking a new way of living, and a new way of relating to others. They want to enjoy themselves and enjoy their relationships. Sometimes maladaptive behaviours get in the way of having successful relationships, careers, or doing well in school. I work on modifying those behaviours so that they no longer jeopardize your goals.


With families helping them set healthy boundaries, promote healthy and effective parenting, develop skills to effectively raise children and cope with everyday behavioural issues and the stress associated with that, and balance healthy family life.